Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Little Dramatic?

We went to the Dr. today for her 2 year check up. She weighed 31 lb. 8 oz. and they measured her at 37 inches long. I couldn't believe the height because we had just measured her 2 weeks ago and it was 35, according to Russell. So I guess we need to remeasure her and see what she really is. As far as her diarrhea, he said it was probably the antibiotics that she'd been on because her ears, throat etc. look good and she's had no fever. So some of y'all could have made some money off of me if you'd bet. :)
The other day, I took Sophia outside to play. What started out as fun time outside with bubbles quickly developed into a "scary" situation. Let me preface this by saying her new favorite phrase now is "That's scary" or "I'm scared".

We went from the backyard to the side of the house which is closer to the street. She heard a car (it was kind of loud) and of course asked "what's that?".
Which quickly turned into this.


The car was long gone, but she was still "scared".
Now if only she can channel this drama into acting and make us some money. :)
I see an Academy Award in her future or maybe a Daytime Emmy (she's more of a Soap Opera star right now).


Allison said...

Hahaha - those are great pics!! Sounds like she is a big healthy girl - with a healthy imagination! Good luck finding her an agent. :)

Anonymous said...

Her mouth is so funny! She's a funny little girl.

TLEB said...

I love all the expressions on Sophia - they're hysterical!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

How expressive!! Heehee!