Monday, July 26, 2010

Her 3rd Painting Class

We had Sophia (and Atticus's) 3rd painting class tonight. We were all super excited that we were actually painting again. As you can see, Sophia was really happy painting her cat.

Atticus was soooo excited about painting that he ate a little of the paint (or a lot, not quite sure on the amount).

Sophia decided she liked painting better standing up and lost the chair.

Atticus is painting a car and as you can see, Atticus was super excited about his project too.
Sophia kept getting up to "sneak up" on Atticus and would say "got you!".

Then we made an octopus using our hand prints.

It was kind of funny, Tricia and I were standing at the sink rinsing out our brushes, and we look over and see our 2 kiddos are the only 2 running around the room chasing each other. I think it's just because they're so familiar with each other. We just had to laugh.


Anonymous said...

Erin! Did you really have to post the photo of me sticking out my tongue?! Oh's all part of the memory, right? Sophia was loving art class tonight! She was full of joy and it was contagious.

Allison said...

LOL - the tongue photo is the best of the bunch! ;) Glad to see they are enjoying their classes!!

TLEB said...

The class looks like it's continuing to be a lot of fun - I loved the tongue out picture Tricia! :) I can relate to the running around part. Cooper and Ben are in a different Ms. Mary class with Elizabeth and Elizabeth told me that COoper and Ben were playing, hitting, and putting paint on each other. (she got up during class to tell on them to the teacher) Lovely. I blame it on being so close as well! :)

Janelle's Little Blog said...

I'm so glad they are loving the class! And Tricia's can see the joy in her expressions!! :)

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Fun, Fun! Glad they... ummm ya'll are all enjoying the art class! I have really enjoyed watching their little friendship blossom- they seem to bring out the best in eachother!

Joanne said...

I took that class with Jane but I don't remember it being as cool! Must be the added benefit of having a great friend to share it with! Those two are so cute together!