Monday, July 5, 2010

The Stockyards

Russell was off today in observance of July 4th, so we decided to head to the Stockyards to see the cattle drive they do each day.

They do it 7 days a week at 11:30 and 4:00. It only lasts about 5 minutes, so make sure you're there on time if you go.

So we found our place on the sidewalk to watch.

Sophia was very excited to see the cattle.

Here they come!

Once they got closer, she was a little scared.

There they go!

Where else can you see horses on the sidewalk like this but in Fort Worth Texas?

They have a little pen with small horses for kids to ride.

Sophia just wanted to watch.

Sophia's favorite part about our adventure....stairs. She wanted to go up and down and down and up....over and over.

We did make it inside the Coliseum where they have rodeos. This was Sophia's 2nd favorite thing...... because it had lots and lots of stairs.

It was not air conditioned, so we didn't stay very long.

They also have a petting zoo but it's closed on Mondays. So we just peeked through the fence, which was probably just fine with Sophia anyways.

Sophia's kinda horse

Then, we found the pen where they kept the steers.

It wasn't too hot today so it made the trip even better.

After that, we headed to Rancho Grande for lunch. Yum!

Then it was back to the house for naps....everyone took a nap today.


Allison said...

Ahh, I can't decide my favorite part... the stockyards or the naps! Actually, looks fun - I will have to put that on the to-do list when we are tourists in the fall.

Janelle's Little Blog said...

LOL Allison! It does look fun! My kids went with my parents once--but I missed out on the fun. Sophia's hair is getting longer!!

Meg said...

Oh NICE! All that time Allison lived near this excitement and never took me! I would LOVE to see the longhorns wandering down the street! I can see there may be a problem now seeing the fun things y'all do and wishing AR still lived there to share with me! Hope she'll find lots to do in California to entertain me :) I think Emily would be less than thrilled also at those big boys walking toward her!