Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Second Art Class

We went for our second art class this past Monday expecting to paint. I think Sophia was a little disappointed that all we were doing was gluing. I'd been pumping her up and reminding her about art class all day by saying, "We're going to get to paint tonight, aren't' you excited". So it's partially my fault. But nonetheless, once we got gluing, you couldn't take the bottle away from her.

But I think they got a little bored or had energy to burn because this is what happened right after we finished making our fish (we had finished a little early, and when I say making our fish I mean Atticus and Sophia do almost all the work themselves. We may help model what they're supposed to do or encourage them to keep going but at a certain point they were just done and we weren't going to finish it for them like some other parents there).
So they decided to explore the room.

And then we exited very quickly before the music class started.

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Anonymous said...

The first art class definitely trumps the second. My favorite part of this week's class was Sophia trying to help Atticus up by pulling on his legs. Way too funny!!!