Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yet Another Trip to the Museum

I'm sure all of you are tired of reading about our trips to the museum. But, it's Texas and it's hot. What's a girl to do? You want your kiddo to have fun, expend some energy and not have to sweat to death in the process. So off we went to the museum, again. We met up with Tricia and Atticus.
But you know what, kids like repetition so I don't feel bad. Plus, with our membership, just trying to get my money's worth.
The really cool thing about this museum is that they always have new stuff. Plus, to the kids, they notice something new each time.
For example, this thing. It was there last time but Sophia didn't notice it all. But she did this time.
And we're off....

This might be as close to veggies as Sophia will ever get.

She at least put some cauliflower in her cart.

Might I mention how cute, I mean rockin' cute, Atticus looks in his overalls?
This was the first time Sophia really noticed the fountain from this angle.
This was the first time Atticus got on the horsey. Such a pro!

This was the first time Sophia noticed the front of the horsey.
I think they're comparing boo-boo's here.

Of course they had a great time with all the da Vinci experiments.

Everything Atticus did, Sophia wanted to do too.

Then it was time for a snack.
During snack time, we finally got them to say "Oh man!" in unison. We both caught it on tape. Unfortunately, I'm having a difficult time uploading it to blogger.
One of the funniest things, I wasn't able to catch with my camera. It was Atticus trying to go back inside and Sophia telling him no and waving her finger at him. Oh no you didn't!
Sophia was calling for A-cus to come here a lot. She's a little bossy. But they had a great time.
She's actually still sleeping. She went down for her nap at 1:30 and it's 5:30 right now. Love those long naps.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely a more experienced photographer...what great pictures! Sophia was hilarious putting Atticus in his place. They had a great time today...glad we got to meet up!

TLEB said...

how funny - I love the "oh no you didn't!" finger wave :) It's nice that you and Tricia can get your kiddos together - they seem to enjoy it alot!

Allison said...

So much better to hide indoors! I like Tricia's shirt. ;)

Janelle's Little Blog said...

I love these two together!! What cute buddies they are!!