Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We went to NRH2O on Tuesday with my sisters and their kids. This was Sophia's first time at a big kid waterpark. She's been to Chisholm Park but this was way beyond that.
As you can see she was very excited about going in the water and playing.

See what I mean? This playscape was huge and I followed her around like white on rice.
Especially after 12. After 12, a lot of the bigger kids like 12 and up started showing up and if they meet the weight requirements (under 250 lbs.) then they can ride these slides.
There was a more tame area for toddlers, but had little to no interest in it when she saw the bigger playscape.
She went down a few of the bigger slides where we could sneak on with her (I swear the rules on the sign clearly state that children under 40 inches must be accompanied by an adult. Sorry if the life guard told us that we couldn't ride together and we went to a different slide where no life guard was on duty. Maybe you should read your signs). She went on the smaller slides a bunch. But of course, her favorite thing was going up and down the stairs, getting buckets of water dumped on her.

Thanks Robin for helping me keep an eye on her! My back is hurting today from carrying her around so much. I bet yours is killing you too. Or maybe not, you are younger.


Allison said...

:D I bet Robin feels great! haha NRH2O - what a lucky little girl! I hate when they stop the parents from riding the slides with little ones... happened to me too. Sure, the kids are okay without us but we aren't okay without them!! ;) I assume you gave her a few drops in the ears when you got home...

TLEB said...

We still haven't made it to NRH2O - and I have big kids! It looks like a ton of fun, but a lot of work for mommy! Glad she liked it though!

Janelle's Little Blog said...

NRH2O! Fun! :)

Meg said...

I like the sign approving parental escort for under 40 inchers! Now get the pediatric record changed to keep her from getting there too soon!