Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are You Sure This Girl Is Sick?

Sophia woke up this morning feeling just fine. YEA!!!!! So we went ahead and kept the dentist appointment that we'd scheduled a while back (that she's supposed to have by the time she's 3). Lucky for her, they had a little play area.

Sophia was brave enough to lay down and let them show her all their cool tools.

She even let them use the teeth polisher.

Sophia is looking up because there is a TV mounted right above the dentist table playing a movie. Why can't they have this at the gyno???
After that, they dentist had her sit in my lap and he looked at her teeth, poked around a bit. Good news!! No cavities! YEA!!! No bleeding gums after he brushed and poked around. Her bite is good...not over or under.
Bad news....her teeth are too close together. Dang it! She got my teeth! So she'll have to have braces at some point and some teeth removed.

She was so brave (and well behaved), I rewarded her with a little play time at the park. It was only 10:30 but was already scorching hot. She tried to bare the heat but eventually listened to reason .....

And went with me to the playground at McDonalds for some air conditioned playtime and lunch (without incident I might add).

You can barely see her in this pic. I was too lazy to get up. She's off to the far bottom left, playing with a baby who was crawling all over that floor. Grody comody!


Janelle's Little Blog said...

Hahahaha!! Love your suggestion! That's hilarious! What a big girl to be so brave! Yay McDonald's indoor playtime!

Dina said...

Glad Sophia is feeling better. I always tell my gyno that she needs the gas machine that the dentist has too! That and a tv would make me not dread it so much!

Allison said...

Go Sophia! Hope our dentist has a TV on the ceiling! They have all the best stuff for kids these days. I always wonder what it will be like for our grandchildren...

*CRAWLING on the MCDONALDS floor?! Oh my gosh... I can't take it!! I don't really want Everett crawling in our house since it's carpet predates us. Then again, I have slight issues with "cleanliness."

Anonymous said...

First trip to the dentist = success! What a big girl!