Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dang Polish Luck!!

You know, you can plan a birthday week down to a tee, but never for a second forget that good ole Polish Luck (in my case, by marriage and Sophia's half) can bite you in the butt every time.

Side note about me: First of all, my back is jacked up AGAIN!!! Just when I think I'm better, I look like I'm walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. It's the sitting. I was better this morning, thinking that maybe, just maybe my back was on the mend. I even skipped running, too afraid to mess it up. So off to the chiro I went for my appt. The 20  minute drive there messed it up. Maybe I need a special pillow for the car and the couch like they have at the chiro's office??? Anyways, I'm feeling okay right now. So knock on wood, hopefully it's on the mend. Maybe I need to switch to walking?

So back to Sophia, cause as we all know, that's why you're really reading this post, right? Hahaha!
Last night I got a call from her PK teacher saying that one of the children there has lice. So in order for her to comply with the state's rules for operation, she has to have all of her kids write a statement saying that they treated their kids for lice (even if we didn't see any signs). So I sent Russell out to Walgreen's to pick up Rid and we had to treat her with that crap. Too bad I didn't have a boy like some of the other parent's. They just buzzed their hair. But they also saw no signs of lice on their kids. But that stuff smelled awful! Not a great beginning to Sophia's birthday week. And that was the least of it. We had to wash all of her toys, hair things, bedding as if she had it. What a pain!

Then this morning she complained of a tummy ache but I figured it was because we'd had such a rough night (she couldn't sleep with any of her bedtime regulars since we had to wash them....a little traumatic for her). And also, I figured she just wanted to stay home with me and have me drive her to our field trip. We keep sending her to PK like normal to keep her in her normal routine (plus, I have time to work out, clean house and get ready). But this morning I couldn't let her stay with me cause I had a chiro appt at 9 a.m. She didn't eat much breakfast, which is typical lately.
Once I arrived at her field trip at Leapin' Lizards (kinda like Let's Jump), she seemed fine. She was playing. Then when I mentioned her tummy ache to Ms. Melanie in front of Sophia, all of sudden she started complaining of a tummy ache. Then she was attached to my leg for the rest of the field trip. So I thought she was totally milking it so she could secure a trip home with me after the field trip was over.
It just got worse, to the point where I sat on the ground and held her. She felt kinda cold and clammy and lethargic. She'd had a bowel movement that morning so I didn't think it was that. But she just kept complaining and complaining about her tummy. So I decided to call the dr. and schedule an appointment. The earliest they had was 2:10 but I went ahead and booked it. We ended up leaving the field trip early. I asked if she wanted to stop by McDonald's for lunch and she said no. She wanted to go home. I knew it was serious. Passing up the McDonald's playground and not mentioning Target? And WANTING to go home? This child was definitely not well.

So about half way home she was wailing about her tummy so bad, I was afraid that I needed to go to the hospital so I called the dr. back and they didn't think I should. It was scary. What if it was her appendix or something where time is essential?
Right when we turned into our neighborhood, she threw up in the car. Not much because she'd barely eaten that morning.
So once home I changed her clothes, got her favorite show on and put crackers and water in front of her and waited.....

She fell sleep. Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping child? How she slept through Yo Gabba Gabba I have no idea.

I woke her up to go to the dr. and she talked the whole way there. Didn't complain about her tummy once. While we were there, she played and talked the whole time. The dr. said she looked fine. She hasn't run a fever or anything. He said to monitor her and if anything changes to come back.
But what I'm wondering is did she ingest any of the Rid we used to treat the lice? I know it's supposed to be safe but she could have gotten some in her mouth/nose while I was rinsing?? Or maybe it's just a short virus? Let's just hope that was it and she's well by this weekend. Otherwise, her party is going to get canceled. :(

Tonight was also our summer Bunko night and I'm going to have to miss. Just in case things take a turn for the worse, or if I'm contagious? I'm hopefully doing the right thing even though I'm going to miss my girls!
Dang Polish Luck!


Allison said...

Dang man! Sounds like a rough day! Glad, if it was going to happen, that it happened early in the week - she will for sure be better for PARTY day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, what the heck with your back?! That is terrible. And poor Sophia...didn't she get the memo that there's no getting sick during birthday week? It sounds like she's feeling better, and I'm so glad.

Janelle's Little Blog said...

I'm glad to hear she was feeling better today! Poor kiddo...although I love the sleeping shot!