Wednesday, June 8, 2011

 So what have I been up to so far this summer?
You can see step by step directions/tutorials for all of my party decor over at my creative blog, Kaminski's Creations

I've also been prepping for the Just Between Friends sale that's coming up in August.

And of course, I've been reading a ton. Here are a few of my summer reads. Some for fun and some for self improvement.

(This one is a book study at school)

And I'm also teaching art at Sophia's PK one day a week. And also, I'm volunteering to help at all of her field trips (about one or two a week).
So needless to say, I'm keeping very busy.


Anonymous said...

The party decorations just keep getting better and better! That Happiness Project book has caught my attention more than once. You'll have to give me a review. And how FUN that you get to spend time with Sophia's class this summer!

kristy said...

I can't wait for the big day- it is going to beautiful! I bet Sophia loves having mommy at school- what kind of lessons are you teaching... maybe i do some with my two!?