Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Birthday Family Party

This year we decided to combine the June birthdays and celebrate them as a family, all together (this is the first year both kiddos are having separate kid parties).

Look at that mountain of presents. Can you spot Sophia?
Sophia was super excited to see Will!

There's the other June birthday, Jack.

Sophia got so many great presents but the first thing she wanted to do was play with Jack's toy that we got him (she'd been eying it at home all week).

And she had a little trouble sharing.

But the promise of cake and ice cream seemed to improve her mood.

Then it was pool time!

She got to test out her new seahorse.

My mom just told her Ariel was in the swimming pool.

And of course what would pool time be without ice cream??

Happy birthday Sophia and Jack! We love you both!


Allison said...

Fun! A seahorse!! Birthday week started off with a bang!

kristy said...

Happy Birthday to all the June babies! Looks like you family knows how to party!