Saturday, June 11, 2011

Putt-Putt Field Trip

For our 2nd field trip we went to Putt-Putt which I haven't been to in a while (my nephew Will's birthday when Sophia was turning 1 I think). Anyways, we started off with a round of golf.

Sophia didn't really listen to the instructions I gave her for how to stand and swing.

But she had fun regardless.

Her favorite thing was seeing all the animals scattered throughout the course. She's seen the giraffes from the highway for years and finally got to get close to them.

I take that back. Her favorite thing about the field trip was the rides.

The games inside....not so much.

At Chuck E. Cheese all games were 1 token. However here, they were at least 2 if not more. A couple were 8. But all in all, a great field trip. The kids were really well behaved.

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Allison said...

Another fun and exhausting day! Hooray for summer field trips!