Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Dear Dad,

     I can't believe you are only 22 in this pic. Or were you 21? Doesn't matter! You were so young! A baby. I can't imagine having a child so young and y'all did it on purpose!
     I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me and that I'm so grateful to have had 2 great parents who love me. I mean you can't get much better than that. Being born in America, as a woman, with 2 parents that love me and treated me with dignity and a middle class environment. I hit the lottery. I couldn't have asked for better. Sometimes I feel guilty for being so lucky...why was I born with so much and so many go without?
    But I have to say, it's been a pleasure watching you grow from my parent, to a grandparent and then to a grandparent of my child, a girl. The only girl so far.
     I frequently get the impression that you feel like a failure or that you've failed us in some way...or maybe you're just begging for compliments. :) But you haven't. You've never let me down. Think of all the times you helped me with a 3D art project! Or helped me quit a job! Or cheered me on on the sidelines of a soccer field....I could go on. Bottom are a much needed, valuable part of our family. And I love you and I'm proud to be your daughter.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Except for your dad, I could be convinced that is Sopia in the second picture!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be your Dad as I sit here typing --you made me cry. You were a joy and will always the the 1st one. The "experiment" as we like to say--didn't come will an instruction book- sometimes we were flying by the seat of our pants. We must have done something right you girls have all turned out to be loving, sweet little girls you grown up to be outstanding women. It just seem like you grew up so fast and now you have beautiful baby girl. I always feel like there was something I was supposed to do but never had the time. I was always worrying about tomorrow --just make sure to relish what you have and tomorrow will take care of itself- in other words enjoy the moment and have fun with Sophia and Russ--love you too baby girl and thanks for the sweet words they mean a lot.