Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Week Begins

Birthday week for Sophia began a banner (actually it began with a birthday party for her friend Reagan, playing at Paradise Pond is super fun). Brand new banner just for her.
And window clings.

And a birthday present from Grandpa and Grandma K (I did a terrible job of hiding it, she found it before we went to Paradise Pond. Like literally, we were about to walk out the door. So we promised her when we got home she could open it up). And we kept our promise.
It's a fun Princess dress up trunk with 4 princess dress up gowns.

She loves it!


Joanne said...

We are looking forward to Sophia's party! What a great present from her grandparents!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time for Sophia!

Allison said...

It starts... I expect a lot of pink and princess this week!!!

kristy said...

Bring on Birthday Week!!!