Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mac the Dog

Yesterday, I had the honor of photographing Mac the dog at the Ronald McDonald house in Ft. Worth. My friend Tricia works there and asked if I'd mind donating my services. The dog stays at the RMD house during the day (provides love and a distraction to the families that are staying there). He goes home with one of the workers at night.

They wanted to have him photographed so that they could give prints of him to the kids that are going through treatments that never get to see him (they're in the hospital) but hear about him through family or if a child does get to meet him they'll have a print to take with them to the hospital when they are going through treatments (kind of something to make them smile). They've had trouble trying to photograph him themselves because of his dark and dark eyes....the eyes kind of disappear. So of course I was honored and jumped at the chance to help them out. Here are few of my faves.

I can see why they had trouble. Those eyes do tend to disappear. Hopefully I got something they can use.


Anonymous said...

Good job..I like #2 and #5 the best! My baby, Magic, was black and I got some winners but lots of ??? pix of her!

kristy said...

Oh how great! Mac looks like my childhood dog Charlie! I bet the kids will love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

You got MANY we can use! All of us at RMH are grateful to you for coming out and donating your talent. Your pics of Mac will bring smiles to the faces of so many kids. Thank you, thank you, thank you!